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The Wanderlust

Hi, y'all! I'm Chelsea. Thank you for visiting my blog. Love you to pieces 😍  and If you share it with your friends and family I'll love you even more. 

I'm a 31 year old, digital marketer from Indiana who has been a part time digital nomad for this entire year. In January, 2018 I'll officially be a full time (yahhhhhhhh buddy), roaming around the world with 39 other working professionals.

You'll quickly learn I'm having an identity crisis. You see, I want a lot of things. None of which are possible to have at the same time. For example: I want to travel the world and still be a fashionista, but I want to be a beach bum and live in my swim suit .. and tomorrow I'll want to go back to my roots as a farm girl and the next day I'll want to wear 4in heels and walk the streets of New York City. Do you see what I'm saying? The struggle is very real. 

Regardless of how I'm dressed or what city/state/country I'm in, there is always an adventure to be had or a new place to explore. I'm hoping you'll follow along for the ride and be able to explore the world through my eyes. 

On top of traveling and fashion, I love my dog (Bentley), and consider myself to be a serial hobbiest. At this time I'm taking on Spanish and trying to learn the piano (again). Next week I'm sure it will be something else. Sigh.. 

Enjoy my blog!