Your Questions Answered

What is 'wy_Co'?

Wy_Co (formally known as We Roam) is program that focuses on finding working professions who have the ability to work remote. For those of you who don't know, remote working means you're not in the office or even in the same city as your employer. You have a job that allows you to work from anywhere with wifi! 

A lot of individuals like myself have a passion for travel and prior to the digital era one would have to put their career on hold to see the world. Let's all say a quick THANK YOU to the wifi Gods. Not all careers/jobs have the luxury of working remote. You certainly wouldn't want your plumber telling you how to fix your toilet via FaceTime so I'm feeling uber blessed to have found digital marketing.

WR has put together a talented team of individuals who build an itinerary and work on all the travel logistics for people like myself so we can focus on our job and travel. They plan all flights (sometimes it's a bus trip), housing accommodations, and coworking space. 

There are several work remote programs out there but I fell in love with WR for a few reasons. 

  1. They keep the group small. Other programs have 70-80 individuals in the group. Fewer things can go wrong with fewer people.. or so I think.
  2. Very focused on professional development. I not only want to see the world but grow in my career. I'm really excited to learn from others on my trip and take that knowledge and apply it to my company. Throughout the year the We Roam puts together several work shops, local business tours, networking events, etc. Love this!
  3. The team plans community service opportunities for the group in each country. How cool is that? 


Are you working for 'wy_CO?'

No, I'm employed with a tech company in Indianapolis called I hold the title of Director of Marketing and will continue this role throughout my time abroad. After several discussions with executives they have agreed to try out the program. I will admit, it wasn't easy getting time abroad approved. I will eventually write a post on "How to Convince Your Boss."


How much does it cost?

After acceptance into Wy_Co I made a downpayment of $5,000 to hold my spot on the Polaris II trip. Once the trip begins I will pay an additional $2,000 a month, which will cover travel, housing accommodations, coworking space and a few planned activities. On top of my "tuition/rent/whatever you want to call it" I will be responsible for all food, side trips and other extracurricular activities. Let's be real. I won't be saving a lot of dough on this trip but YOLO. 


What countries will you be visiting? 

You can find a detailed itinerary here. On top of the scheduled countries, I plan on taking 1-2 side trips a month to neighboring countries or different cities within the country I'm already living. I'm sure it will all be very spur of the moment so keep up with my blog and Instagram account to keep up with me!