We Roam: Coworking Space, Canggu, Bali

I can now claim the title of an official "digital nomad." It's a lifestyle choice and I can totally see why many individuals around the world choose to work remote, hopping from country to county. I can already tell my time working is more productive and the environment creates a space that inspires. Perfect for any marketer. 

The number one priority of my world tour is keeping my job. Without employment, there is no way I'd be apart of this awesome program. A big piece of the program is joining a coworking space in every city we live. We Roam has done an excellent job organizing and finding one of the best coworking spaces in the world and it happens to be right here in Canguu, Bali...known as Dojo. 

Currently, Dojo has over 400 members from 60 unique countries. People from all walks of life and every career you can think of work from this space 24/7. A lot of entrepreneurs, freelancers, and individuals employed by American based companies. It's equipped with several different sitting areas, a pool (which I'm currently staring at), tasty cafe and smoothie shack, private skype booths, and air-conditioned conference rooms (this is a must as I'm currently sweating from the crazy humidity.) The wifi here is excellent, allowing me to join conference calls at any hour and keep working just as efficiently as I would back home.  

Dojo is located a short 5-minute scooter (more on the Scooters later) ride from my apartment (and more on the new home later too.) It's surrounded by restaurants and shops, all of which I plan to check out at some point in the next two weeks. 

My favorite perk is the 5-minute walk to Echo Beach, known for its surf. For the past couple days, I've come to work in my swimsuit and leave for a 30-minute break at the beach. I take a quick dip and walk back. I've found drying off to be a challenge as the humidity is so high. I'm taking full advantage of the beach being so close. The next time I'll have a beach in close proximity will be April when I'm visiting Florianópolis, Brazil. 

I'm still trying to figure out what the best work schedule is for me and those I'm working with back home. For the last couple days, I've been working from 6am-9am at the apartment and then getting back online around 6 pm so I can work some East Coast hours. I'm assuming every day will look a little different as I'm still adjusting to jet lag. 

My company has been extremely supportive of my world tour and flexible as I'm on an opposite schedule. Being 13 hours ahead will require me to be on calls late at night but the location and experience are hands down worth the sacrifice.