27 to 72

Leaving my daily routine, friends and family was hard enough. Add travel delays, missed connections, weird hotels and 13-hour flights (in the middle seat) and my anxiety is through the roof. What was supposed to be a 27 hour travel time ended up being close to 72.. actually I'm not even sure if that's at all accurate. My jet lag is not letting my brain compute the time difference and hours spent waiting and waiting and flying and more flying.. bottom line .. the trip was friggin long. 


Last Wednesday my mother took my sister and I to the airport. I was leaving for the world tour and Jansen going back to San Francisco. I didn't even get to the gate before realizing my flight to Chicago was delayed by 40 minutes. Apparently, there was a mechanical error which caused me to change flights. The new flight also had 50% of the individuals from the previous delayed one which caused us to be overweight by 1K pounds. Several people had to volunteer to get off the plane, luggage needed to be found and oh.. I believe there was a winter storm happening so a deicing needed to happen. It was a nonstop chain reaction of events that delayed us by over two hours resulting me to miss my connecting flight before we got into the air. Looking back I wish I would have been one to volunteer and rebooked everything for the next day. 

Thank God American Airlines was on their A game. They booked me a hotel room at the LUXURY Country Inn and Suites which so happened to be in the middle of a MAJOR renovation. I believe I ended up eating breakfast in gutted room 105. 

But let me back up.. I found out after missing my connection another girl in my program was supposed to be on the same flight. Turns out she missed it too. Let's be real. I was doing an internal happy dance at the thought of no longer traveling alone half way across the globe. We met up at the airport both in LuLu lemon jackets and endured the COLDEST weather Chicago had to offer for a solid hour while waiting for the hotel shuttle. 

24 hours later we were back at the airport and on the first flight to Qatar. This flight was 13 hours long and somehow I was stuck in the middle seat. I tried to stay awake for a few hours before popping ZQuil. Somehow by the grace of God, I ended up sleeping 8 hours of this trip. I had a terribly stiff neck when I woke up but at least the flight was fast. 

We only had an hour before boarding our next 10-hour flight to Bali. I wasn't able to sleep much on this flight but I got some solid movie time in.. and ate what felt like 10 pounds of food. They seriously feed you nonstop.

Almost 72 hours later we made it to our final destination. I was in the same clothes I had on when I left home (GROSS) and I walked out with CANKLES!! OMG..  Customs was a breeze and my luggage showed up!! Another internal happy dance. There are a few things I would have done differently but We Roam handles all the logistics from here on out so I don't need to worry about a dern thing.. 

Hoping my time in Bali will teach me to be a bit more zen :-)